Quarter Past…


It’s a genuine bonus to have time on your hands to try some new ‘projects’ whilst on holidays. Today’s ‘Pic Collage’ assembly details one of today’s efforts.
Taken from a book that claims the recipe should be done and ready to serve within fifteen minutes; so long as one has ingredients and tools ready to go. I can’t say that it was completed perfectly in this time frame. But I can say that it was shorter than most meal preparations, and once all was going it was only a matter of management.
Dare I say it (after the lady made it clear), delicious…


2 thoughts on “Quarter Past…

  1. Awesome – I’m guessing this is Jamie’s 15 minute meals – Tara and I have been watching the series and aim to buy the book to try out some of his recipes.

  2. Thanks! Yes it is from his 15 minute meals book. First time I’ve had a crack at a recipe from it. I can’t say it took me 15 minutes but maybe around…25 minutes? I was pretty happy with that. Let me know when you and Tara try it out. Make sure you get some pics.Cheers!

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