Stairs To Childhood


I can’t recall the first memory of stepping on a beach. I wish it was possible. There are small flashes of sand getting everywhere, sunscreen reminders from parents, rock pool investigations and underwater tumbling after wave knockdowns. But it’s all bits and pieces.
I was reminded of childhood wonder today when I gazed upon the sand and sea.
This particular snap came from an abandoned attempt due to the wind and clouds…


Aging Fast


The worn, drying leaves tend to drop and age quickly. A bit like the days that appear to dash by in a new year. It makes me think how fast the rest of the months may go. That perhaps I’ll be having a thought like this in a year’s time.
The rumblings of another whirlwind can be heard…

Gull Off


It took a long time for the predicted heat to escalate today. Sitting on the beach from 9.30am provided grey clouds, a cool breeze and a lone seagull. A bird that appeared interested in the low key snacks my friend and I were sharing. Almost acting coy, it walked by us, turned and walked back to whence it came.
The best stab at subtlety I have seen from this species…

Waxing Colours


The different colours and flavours in a life. Events, emotions, moods and moments that add to the colours and sometimes subtract from them.
This representation was created by chance as the automatic car washing machine sprayed and splurged cleaning wax on to the windscreen.

Question Of Bovril


Advertising is forever evolving. It’s amusing and enlightening to look back on how items were marketed and sold way back when.
I guessed that Bovril was used for the relief of some form of ailment. Yet, the meaning of the phrase uttered by the cow and the significance of it is beyond me.
Who’d like to entertain it? Any ideas are welcomed.

Home Grown & Made


Little projects that start out as an idea or a thought. Not planned in advance nor any shape or form. The beauty of having some time on your hands to think about something new.
From the tree to the pot (and tomorrow, on to my toast) a sea of chutney has appeared.

I used ‘Pic Collage’ for the images which is an app that has really improved its functionality in recent times.

All Receding


The weekend slowly begins to recede. It’s written in the evening sun. The cliffs and jutting pieces of land that have been eaten away by the tide over many years are representative of the fact.
Standing with friends soaking in some rays that have been quite scarce over the past two days. One of those little moments that will tuck itself away but resurface when one needs to remind themselves of the good things…