The End Is Not Finality


Trees represent the changes in a life for me. It’s been difficult to come upon an idea worthy of the final post. But it feels right to end with this…
A tree hangs on and pushes through. It offers much to the surrounds and its occupants. The tree changes over a year; has different guises and moments. Yet it does not yield easily. After a period of change, it can return to its familiar state in an almost loyal manner. Some journey…

And so this journey comes to its inevitable end. To put it simply…it has helped, changed and nourished me. It was just what I needed.
I was content to snap pictures, write some haphazard prose and reflect on what I see every day. If it went unread by another, so be it…
But I’d like to express a heartfelt and humble thanks to a group of people that showed an interest in my series over the journey. If you looked, read, replied, discussed, approached, spoke, tweeted or simply ‘liked’ then I am truly grateful. And I don’t forget nor take lightly any sort of correspondence.
(I’d like to make a special mention to some good folk near the top of this list that made it clear to me that they were regular perusers…forever grateful)
Thank you to missdsings, mum, AJK, Lavars, Michael Fawcett, Judith Way, Pete Lawrence, Elise Jenkins, Hayden Quayle, Tim McCallum, Mel Cashen, Matt Hutton, Kim Yeomans, Richard & Natasha Mason, Alannah King, Daniel Boreland, Jo Fothergill, Tara TJ, Maree Konieczka, Fairlie Pritchard, Ryan Lawrence, jmcgnz, Jad, Rhys Lindsay, Fozz, Lisa White, Izzy Best, Abbey Loney, Alex Forssman, Ashy, Jinn James, David Hopps, The Lynch, Leah Woods, Nic Lindmayer, Rae Baensch, Jo Dawes, Loretta Dawes, Leigh Robinson, Luke Sier, Joe Thurrowgood, Heath McFadyen, Katie Marriner, Teresa Soulsby, Leigh Marriner, Dave K-T, Julie Watts, Dan Watson, Luke Johnson, Alison Cameron, Amy Sier, Laura Sahr, Marcelle Rose, Glen Stanisich, Nigel Holloway, Kerri Lawrence, Sarah Jeffreys, Aaron Hitch, Claire Govan, Hilary Fairlie, Dom McAlinden, Trent Lucas, Carly Deppeler, Tim Reed, Kirsty Kelberg, Kieran Coyle, Caz Dawes, Sam Irwin, Fiona McPherson, Cara Johnson, Lauren Fleetwood, Michael Neal, Lynette Fleetwood, Rhi Hickman, Laurel Anderson, Maxine Watson, Lewis Hopps, Krista Reichert, The Beard, Lois Smethurst & Jess Lewis.



2 thoughts on “The End Is Not Finality

  1. Thank YOU Rick!I think of trees as "story keepers". Over the years as they grow they observe life around them. If they could talk imagine the stories some of our oldest trees would tell!So a tree is also a fitting ending because your blog has been your "story keeper"….thank you for sharing your photos and reflections…your story 🙂

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